Remise en forme, a ‘healthy’ journey

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Remise en forme, a ‘healthy’ journey

Remise en forme does not only mean following a strict diet or doing sport, but adopting a healthy way of life that covers various aspects, such as a balanced and nutritious diet that means eating fresh and varied food, favouring fruit, vegetables, lean proteins and cereals, preferably whole grains. It means exercising regularly and getting adequate rest. 

Aqua Montis Abruzzo

But it also means finding hospitality in hotels that know how to think about you and your well-being, such as those in the Luxury Bike Hotels collection. In these establishments good food, luxury accommodation and pampering can give your beauty routine the right pace. Sport is at home here, starting with the beautiful bike rides that can be enjoyed at each location, all of which are attentive to the needs of those who travel by bike. 

Aqua Montis Abruzzo

What in particular do we recommend for a holiday dedicated to total well-being?

First step choose whether your preferred location is by the sea, mountains, hills, lake, or countryside, choosing a hotel that can devote all possible attention to you, a place where there are bike trails suitable for your aptitudes on two wheels. After that follow the services you need, such as renting a bike or having  a private guide, asking for snacks for your rides, a laundry for your active clothing and a bike room. 

For your well-being a gym to work out or stretch could be useful, like a spa for  decontracting or relaxing massage, a swimming pool. An immersive holiday comes also from the food experience, with a cuisine made by local, healthy and balanced products, perhaps where the produce comes right from the garden behind the hotel. 

Le Vigne di Fagnano Langhe – Piemonte

If then the facilities are in idyllic and peaceful locations, a good night’s sleep helps everything for a perfect holiday. 

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