Cycling and tasting, easy match in Spring.

Cycling and tasting, easy match in Spring.

In spring, cycling experiences multiply, and more importantly those that propose a cycling route in stages with tastings of the best food and wine products, and in Italy there are so many …

In recent years, many tour operators have sprung up offering the bike and wine-tasting package, especially related to wines and cellar experiences. But not only wine, also oils and typical dishes, cooking workshops or harvesting the products of the earth. Every place offers its own speciality, the products of nature and ancient tradition.

We talk about experiential tourism because we get to know the territory in a slow way and immerse ourselves in the lives of those who live the areas visited. 

For example, in Tuscany you can try truffle hunting with a truffle hunter and his dog in the hills that host competitions such as the Eroica or the Crete Senesi trails.

altarocca - umbria

© Two Twisted Trees Photography LLCIn Umbria, one pedals through the olive groves of the Assisi and Foligno olive belt and then tastes the evo of the moraiolo, leccino, frantoio and pendolino olives.

In the warm climate of Apulia, aloe happily dwells, whose juice is widely used as a food supplement and in cosmetics.  In Valdobbiadene, in the Prosecco hills, a Unesco heritage site, one pedals amidst a backdrop of steep, rugged relief interspersed with small valleys, where the bellussera vine- technique has helped redefine the landscape. In Emilia Romagna, you can experience the tradition of the table with cooking class to learn how to make passatelli or grandmother’s tortellini.

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